The Historic Leadenhall Baptist Church is an old established church located in Baltimore, Maryland. Baltimore is the 19th largest city in the United States with a population of approximately 630,000. Located in South Baltimore, the church was established in 1872 with the cornerstone laid on July 15, 1872 and the dedication held on May 12, 1873. The church is nestled between Baltimore’s two major stadiums and sits on prime real estate south of Baltimore’s famous harbor in the Sharp-Leadenhall Community.

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Rev. Dr. Alvin Gwynn Jr.

The Reverend Dr. Alvin Gwynn,  Jr. is the tenth elected pastor of  the Leadenhall Baptist Church  and is no stranger to the gospel  ministry. A native of Baltimore  City, Dr. Gwynn, Jr., has involved himself in a number of  capacities in the body of Christ  as a teacher and preacher. 



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